WE ARE Passionate about people

Sheldon Botes & Kara Botes (nee Stella) came up with the concept of CRUSHEDit while on honeymoon in February of 2017.  Being a national hockey player, Kara was getting frustrated with the process of buying supplements.  Not only did she find it intimidating stepping into a supplement store, especially as a woman, but she found that getting the right advice and finding supplements that were safe for athletes was a challenge. Sheldon on the other hand, found himself battling managing a healthy, fit lifestyle with his hectic work schedule.Cue CRUSHEDit.  The two then decided to start a business that focused mainly on providing good advice and good products that have been vetted by them.  A business that didn’t target a specific demographic but allowed people to easily find the information they needed to achieve their personal fitness, sports and lifestyle goals.

Dispelling Stereotypes

Whenever people hear the word ‘supplements’ they generally picture a massive bodybuilder and immediately make an association with steroids.  Although some supplements contain ingredients that are not WADA approved, supplements and steroids are completely different.  Supplements are exactly as the name describes, nutritional supplements.  They are used to enhance a certain aspect of your training or diet through their individual ingredients and nutrients.  For example, Whey protein is made from cows milk and is an amazing source of protein and aminos which is taken after training to increase the rate of recovery.  We want to educate consumers aboutsupplements and their benefits and arm them with the knowledge they need to reach their fitness goals.